samedi 13 août 2016



This painting was a gift from me to someone who loves the city of Essaouira, someone who once visited it and immediately fell in love with it and decided to stay there for the rest of his life.

I don't know why exactly but he seems to feel at home there. Is it because of the windy weather? the beach? the traditionnal Gnaoua music that the city is famous for? the beautiful Amazigh vibes? the old walls? or a bit of everything..a bit of every detail that you can all see in a day if you go for a walk around this small city..

I tried to make this painting as close as possible to my vision of the city, the blue color that you find everywhere, the golden sand and the turbulent waves, the wind that makes your hair dance in the air and keeps your eyes almost closed because the sand gets in them, and some other symbols that anyone who visited the city will easily recognize :)