samedi 10 mars 2018

Lion's breath

Lion's breath, one of my favourite yoga poses.
It has a lot of benefits and is very good for the body but personally, what I like about it is it makes you feel soo silly, you feel like you're letting go of everything and somehow reconnecting with your inner child and it feels so refreshing ­čśŐ

jeudi 8 mars 2018

Science meets art

Just a little fact about me: I study biology, second year, in order to become a bioengineer.
In France, during the two first years of engineering schools we have to learn all the bases related to biology, which includes learning about animals of all sorts.
And that's what I did last year, we had a class where we would dissect animals and then draw what we observed.
It was actually very interesting and I am very passionate about my studies but the first year was extremely overwhelming and I didn't have the time to paint and just be my creative self, I had to stay focused on school stuff and I just felt like I was missing the magic that comes with art, so I'd look at my science sketches and fantasize about painting all over them, I kinda wanted to rebell against school, against the strict codes that we have to follow when drawing scientific sketches and just wanted to go crazy with colors.
Well, I forgot about that project untill some weeks ago, when I found the sketches again and thought I'd give it a try. I realised it wasn't actually an easy task, when I had the paper in front of me I actually didn't know where to start, what colors to use, what to do exactly. I've always been used to painting the same sort of things, I was used to a certain sequence: think about a picture, draw it using a pencil, paint, do the shades and the highlights. It's somehow mechanical and it just made me realise I had my own codes, just like in animal biology class.
And so the goal with this "project" was to try to let go of my painting habits and just go crazy, even though the outcome might look like a child's drawing. 

If you're interested in seeing what the sketches looked like before I cut them, I suggest you to check out my Instagram and maybe follow me along the way hehe :p


Head over heart, heart over pelvis

I started doing yoga with adriene's videos about 3 years ago and I haven't found a better yoga channel since! 
I'm doing the "True" 30 days of yoga recently and it feels so good, thank you so much Adriene for all the effort you put in your videos, for teaching us how to be present and to find joy in the moment instead of focusing on achieving a certain posture or a certain body type, for creating such a happy, nice and cheerful community all around the world, I'm so proud to be part of it ­čĺť
Here's the link to her YT channel:

lundi 14 ao├╗t 2017

Cosmetics and flowers

I made this painting for the company I interned at last month.

I've been dreaming about working in the cosmetics industry for a long time and chose to study biology based on that. And this summer, I was very lucky to get an internship at a cosmetics company in my hometown, Marrakech.
It was an amazing experience I learned a lot of things and was very surprised to find out that a lot of things were just as I imagined them, the labs, the nice smells everywhere, the creative aspect and the list goes on..

AND! most importantly, all the people who work there were so nice to me that I really wanted to do something for the company, I was thinking about giving some kind of gift and figured the best way to express myelf and show my gratitude is through art, and that's how this painting came to life :)

I thought I'll just try put the image that I have in my mind about the cosmetics industry on a piece of watercolor paper: beautiful people, bottles of all shapes, sizes and colors, pretty and fragrant flowers.. And I found myself painting this.

jeudi 27 juillet 2017

Sick lady

"Eww what is this yasmine?"
"Wili she looks sick"
"Errm Yasmine I think you should draw the eyes smaller or the mouth bigger"

It's not pretty.

What if it's not supposed to be pretty?
What if my goal the minute I started painting this was to draw an unattractive face?

Well yes, this girl is not pretty, she has creepy big eyes and a mouth that's too small,
she has a weird skin complexion, dark circles and hollow cheeks.

She's actually just sick,
Yup she's sick, I just wanted to paint a sick girl instead of a healthy beautiful girl,
So instead of trying my best to draw a face that's as attractive as possible, I was for once focusing on how to make it clear that this person is unhealthy
No I'm not glorifying sickness, I'm just saying that we're not supposed to only represent positive things, that art isn't always just about the beautiful things in life

I have been thinking about this for a long time, back when I was in highschool we had to read a french poetry book called "Les fleurs du mal" by Charles Baudelaire where he wrote about his constant search of true beauty in order to find what he thinks will be ultimate happiness
The book was full of beautiful texts about very attractive women, but what really caught my attention back then was a poem called "La charogne" where the poet was basically describing a carrion he found somewhere
The description was so detailed that it was extremely disgusting, but at the same time it was so unnusual to read a poem that portrays such an ugly thing that I was oddly drawn to it, I found it very interesting to discover a piece of art that actually focuses on an ugly thing.

I have been drawing for as far as I can remember yet this is the first time I try to draw something like this, I found this a bit challenging and I still think I could've done better and could've made it look more sick if I wasn't so scared, deep inside, of people's comments, so this was an interesting experience and I think I may paint more pictures like this in the future.

mercredi 28 juin 2017


Do you know this moment right before you fall asleep where you're actually almost already sleeping?
A short moment where you can't concentrate on anything, everything seems so far away,
Your problems seem far, your goals, your dreams, the people you know.. everything,

You don't feel any more sadness, pain, worries.. You kinda feel happy but for no reason

Or is it really happiness?
You don't know, you can't focus on your thoughts anyways,
You just feel light, so light,
As if you were sitting on a cloud,
As if you were floating...

samedi 13 ao├╗t 2016



This painting was a gift from me to someone who loves the city of Essaouira, someone who once visited it and immediately fell in love with it and decided to stay there for the rest of his life.

I don't know why exactly but he seems to feel at home there. Is it because of the windy weather? the beach? the traditionnal Gnaoua music that the city is famous for? the beautiful Amazigh vibes? the old walls? or a bit of everything..a bit of every detail that you can all see in a day if you go for a walk around this small city..

I tried to make this painting as close as possible to my vision of the city, the blue color that you find everywhere, the golden sand and the turbulent waves, the wind that makes your hair dance in the air and keeps your eyes almost closed because the sand gets in them, and some other symbols that anyone who visited the city will easily recognize :)