lundi 15 février 2016

Lalla Mennana

لالة منانة

Lately I've been very interested in the artistic creations that are inspired from the traditionnal moroccan culture, I really like the fusion of modernity and some traditionnal moroccan elements in different artistic fields : music, fashion design, cinema..

I really wanted to create something like that, and I was thinking what exactly shoud I draw? So I remembered a dress I drew a very long time ago, and that I talked about in a previous post (this one) which is inspired by the japanese fashion trend Wa-lolita, and that I called Ca-lolita. But instead of drawing just a random girl wearing a Ca-lolita dress, I wanted the background to be a traditionnal moroccan living room.

One of my biggest inspirations is the moroccan rap band Fnaire, who came up many years ago with a new rapping style called "Taqlidi Rap" (Taqlidi = traditionnal) and basically they create fusions of traditionnal moroccan music and rap, so they use some melodies, songs and lyrics coming from the moroccan folklore.
 Their style was not welcomed by everyone at their debut because the young public was used to the old kind of rap, but the artists of Fnaire stayed true to themselves and to their style, and  little by little more people grew interest in them since not only do they make songs with traditionnal melodies, but they also write meaningful lyrics where they tackle many topics related to the moroccan society, and now they are very popular in morocco and outside morocco among youngsters but also older people.

And lately (about 2 weeks ago) they came back with a new song, an absolutely awesome song called Chayeb (the old man) where the main topic is a rant against the marriage of young girls to older men after being forced by their families, usually for money. Not only is the song awesome because from what I know, this is the first time an artist does something related to this topic in particular (although it's a very sad and frustrating topic),
 but also the way they approached the topic is very artistic, the lyrics are perfect as usual, like some of their other songs, the chorus comes from an old moroccan song and the video clip shows the young brides' suffering through the acting, the dancing and the dark colors in association with many symbols of Moroccan marriage ceremonies. Long story short: Chayeb is a real masterpiece, check it out guys, the video is right below and it has english subtitles (you just have to activate them) :

(ps: Lalla Mennana is also the name of one of their songs)