jeudi 27 juillet 2017

Sick lady

"Eww what is this yasmine?"
"Wili she looks sick"
"Errm Yasmine I think you should draw the eyes smaller or the mouth bigger"

It's not pretty.

What if it's not supposed to be pretty?
What if my goal the minute I started painting this was to draw an unattractive face?

Well yes, this girl is not pretty, she has creepy big eyes and a mouth that's too small,
she has a weird skin complexion, dark circles and hollow cheeks.

She's actually just sick,
Yup she's sick, I just wanted to paint a sick girl instead of a healthy beautiful girl,
So instead of trying my best to draw a face that's as attractive as possible, I was for once focusing on how to make it clear that this person is unhealthy
No I'm not glorifying sickness, I'm just saying that we're not supposed to only represent positive things, that art isn't always just about the beautiful things in life

I have been thinking about this for a long time, back when I was in highschool we had to read a french poetry book called "Les fleurs du mal" by Charles Baudelaire where he wrote about his constant search of true beauty in order to find what he thinks will be ultimate happiness
The book was full of beautiful texts about very attractive women, but what really caught my attention back then was a poem called "La charogne" where the poet was basically describing a carrion he found somewhere
The description was so detailed that it was extremely disgusting, but at the same time it was so unnusual to read a poem that portrays such an ugly thing that I was oddly drawn to it, I found it very interesting to discover a piece of art that actually focuses on an ugly thing.

I have been drawing for as far as I can remember yet this is the first time I try to draw something like this, I found this a bit challenging and I still think I could've done better and could've made it look more sick if I wasn't so scared, deep inside, of people's comments, so this was an interesting experience and I think I may paint more pictures like this in the future.