mercredi 23 décembre 2015

Mental explosion

I drew this last year in philosophy class, during a period where I had too many exams, and too much stress and pressure. I couldn't stop thinking how I was supposed to find time to study for all of that and at the same time I had to concentrate on that philosophy lesson..and I felt like, for a moment, I couldn't focus on anything 

dimanche 22 novembre 2015

나의 사랑하는 고양이들

Naeui saranghaneun koyangideul

I usually joke about how much I love cats and how I feel like a crazy cat lady, but the thing is, I think they're special animals, somehow, I found it really calming to look at them, just laying there, living every second of life, enjoying sun rays or a nap after a meal.. It seems stupid but the way they live slowly, softly, is really soothing to me. 
Not just that, these lovely creatures can show affection to people who just gave them a treat or petted them, and they can give unconditionnal love to their masters regardless of their looks, colour, social status, or any other thing us humans care about..

Sure not all cats are as perfect as I just described them, and sure there are other animals or pets who are just as loyal but still, cats have this little something that I can't really explain and that gives them a very special place in my heart :)

(title traduction: My loved cats)

((no I don't own 6 cats..if only I did))

Pray for the world.

There isn't much we can do, sadly..